Meet Your Junior Miss Teen North Dakota International 2016, Sadie Jo Lura

I am living every girls dream at the young age of nine being your first Junior Miss Teen North Dakota International! 


You get to see the queen side of me but really I am way more than that. 

One of my favorite places to be is right at home on the family farm either by my dads side helping on the farm anyway possible, raising chickens with my brother, helping plant and sell sweet corn to save money for college and anything that involves dirt and hard work I am all in. My dad always jokes about being the only queen who attends a pageant one weekend and the next weekend winning our local punt pass & kick contest. 

My family includes my dad Brock and my mom Rhonda my three brothers Skyler, Stetson and Jonathan, our dog Lambeau, our four cats Smokey, Bandit, Heidi and Zini and our 18 chickens (which all have names!) 


Some of my hobbies are reading, drawing, running, fishing and making everyone smile.

Ten things about me!

My name is really Mercedes Jo! (In Spanish my name means "gift." I am a miracle baby. My parents where told after my birth the  cord that supplied oxygen to me was dry. They have no way to explain why I didn't go into stress. I guess God knew my mom needed a little girl in her life.

I have a fear of heights! Yes I am a gymnast and still working on overcoming this fear. 

I named my moms boutique! Sugar is for Sadie because I am sweet like sugar and my moms name is Rhonda and she's always rushing!

I have over 100 stuffed animals that all sleep with me. Skittles, Wonka and Daisy go everywhere with me. They are quite the travelers having been to Mexico, Florida and Washington DC to name a few places.


My motto is "To Be A Leader, Not A Follower" inspirational words my mom has taught me.

The person I admire the most is my mom. She is a survivor of child abuse and is using her story to help others find their voice and to educate children how to speak up. 

I can speak another language! "Bat Sadie" if you ever want to hear it just ask! 

My favorite animal is the penguin. I saw my first penguin when we went to Florida and visited Sea World. This was a moment I will never forget. Know if only I could figure out how to bring one home as a pet! 

I have two platforms! I am very passionate about the Ronald McDonald House but I am also very passionate about Prairie Paws Rescue.  My kitty Heidi came from there. You will learn more about my platform soon. 

My favorite food is a corn dog! My mom jokes and tells me someday I am going to turn into a corn dog.

I am truly honored to be your Junior Miss Teen North Dakota and can't wait to share my year with you and touch your hearts with my smile and bubbly personality.

Love Sadie Jo 

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