Help the Helpless

As many of you know, I went on a life changing experience a little over two months ago. The mission trip I went on to La Casa De Fe, an orphanage in Shell, Ecuador, has truly changed my life forever. God has put a burning heart to serve others inside of me, and my burning heart was on fire while I was in Ecuador. Ever since I left, I have not gone an hour without thinking of the orphans of the South American jungle.  I wanted to give all I had to those kids and still do today. Two leaders of my mission trip team put $96 together and were able to buy the orphanage 1,200 Tilapia. One single Tilapia can feed 2-3 orphans. Can you believe that? $0.08 a fish. The expense of living in Ecuador is not expensive but when the majority of these 81 kids of La Casa De Fe are not sponsored, living is not easy. One single dollar a day can change the life of a child in this orphanage.

In the link below you can go to the La Casa De Fe website to see what this amazing orphanage is all about. The second link will take you to the page where you can see the children who are not being sponsored. Maybe you are trying to find a way to give back, maybe one of these children’s eyes will look into yours and leave the same mark they left on my heart, or maybe God will call you to a certain child and you feel the need to help them. I encourage you to look at the page and just read these beautiful children’s’ stories.

The third link will lead you to a Facebook page titled, Project Give Five. A family who has truly touched my heart and has inspired me to go on mission trips created this incredible foundation that encourages people to give as little as $5 a month to those in need. Their mission is to empower impoverished families to rebuild their lives, breaking the cycle of poverty. They are launching with Project Korah. The founder of Project Give Five wrote the following about Project Korah:

Korah is a trash dump community made up of over 120,000 people in a two mile radius in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Korah is made up of lepers, people with HIV, TB and extremely impoverished people. The average makeshift home is 9x6 and has no running water, dirt floors, and yet sleeps many. The people of Korah sift through the trash dump in search of food to eat and recyclables to sell. There are no words to adequately describe Korah. It is truly heartbreaking to know that there are people that live in such devastating conditions. Our first goal in helping the people of Korah is to sponsor fifty families. If 500 people commit to giving $5 a month, we will be able to reach that goal. Sponsorship means these families will receive food, shelter and education. Their lives will be forever changed because YOU gave as little as $5/per month. For many of us, that is just one cup of coffee. Please consider blessing someone you have not even met but believe is a child of God's just as you are. Help us help the beautiful people of Korah.

Please consider being a sponsor, no matter who for, what organization through, or what dollar amount.

Help me change the world.

Yours truly,
Madison Johnson

Miss Teen North Dakota International 2014

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