The Reason I Do What I Do

Summer has been amazing so far, but it has been going by too fast! I have been busy working nights and preparing for nationals. I attended our local ALS support group meeting in June and met some new people. I got to listen to their ALS story and hear about the hardships that they are experiencing in everyday life. I also attended the Fargo-Morehead Walk to Defeat ALS kickoff event. There was a small group this year, but we are all so excited to walk in August. When I attend ALS events, it gives me more and more drive to continue to raise funds and spread awareness about ALS. I know that I alone cannot raise enough money to find a cure for ALS, and that is why it is so important that we all come together to raise awareness and funds for ALS.   

I finally got to head home for a few days and spend time with my mom who I have missed so much! I talk to her every couple days on the phone, but it was great to finally spend quality time with her. She is the reason why I am doing everything that I am. I push myself harder every day because I know that I am helping her. About a month ago, I surprised my mom with a video that I made of her life that tells her story. She had absolutely no idea that I had been working on it for a couple months, and it was so amazing to see her reaction as I played the short movie for her. I have wanted to get it uploaded online, and recently my cousin was able to do that for me! Below I have posted the link where you can watch it. The video is very important to my family, and especially my mom and me because it tells her story and I am able to share it with others. I hope you enjoy it!

My advice this week is to remember to treat yourself. I know for me, I forget to take a break sometimes and just do something for me. I tend to get caught up helping others, which I absolutely love, but sometimes I really forget about myself. I know that it is okay to relax once in a while, go buy a gift for yourself or treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure, massage, or whatever it may be that helps you relax and reminds you of just how amazing and deserving you are!



Love always,
Miss North Dakota International
Erica Lemna

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