My Passion for Nursing

I thought I would share a huge part of my life with you and talk about my passion for nursing and why I chose it as my career path.  Nursing has been something that has run in my family. My great-grandma was a nurse, followed by my grandma, mom, aunts, cousins, and now I am on the path! I will be graduating in one year with my Bachelor of Science Registered Nursing degree and so far it has been a tough yet amazing journey. Ever since I was little, I was always the one that was caring for people, weather it was helping a girl that was having a bad day or helping the kid that fell on the playground. I have always found so much joy helping people that needed it. To me, caring for someone is such a rewarding feeling and I have always known that the health care field was for me. Even when my mom became sick, I was always taking on that caring role. I hated seeing her suffer, and I wanted to be there for her doing anything I could do to make her day better. My mom was such an amazing nurse up until the point when she had to retire due to her ALS, and I knew that it was my calling from God to become one too.

 I followed in mom’s footsteps by going to the University of Mary in Bismarck for one year and then transferring to the University of North Dakota. I knew that nursing was going to be a tough degree, but I never realized just how much time it would take each week devoted to the program. Every week, I spend ten hours in the classroom, fifteen hours in clinical, and about 30-40 hours studying. On top of this, I have a nursing internship on the Family Birthing Unit in Altru Hospital in Grand Forks. I work anywhere from 4-20 hours a week depending upon how many exams I have and if I am traveling somewhere for an event.  I don’t know how I do it, but I take it week by week and I have made it through so far. I wish I could work full time on the Family Birthing Unit, because I know that it is the type of nursing I want to do. I have enjoyed all the different clinicals we have had in the hospital on the different floors, but nothing beats the Family Birthing Unit.  Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated with the whole birthing process. I think that it is a beautiful miracle. I love my job so much! Each day, I get to impact someone’s life, and if you think about that it is pretty neat. I can’t wait to graduate and I look forward to my many years ahead of being a nurse.
I want to leave you with a little quote that I really like:

 The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.  ~Author Unknown

Love Always,
Miss ND International

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