The Meaning of Kindness

Have you ever really thought about kindness and what it means to you? In what ways do you leave your mark by being kind? Are you kind because you want something in return? Are you someone who shows concern and love towards others because you want to make a positive difference genuinely? 

This past week I was blessed to have the opportunity to re-learn, along with many students, about the meaning of kindness. On Monday I participated in Kindness Week at Holy Spirit elementary school. I was welcomed into the rooms individually where I shared my story and discussed with students in what ways they can show kindness. They came up with some great ideas to leave positive impressions on others. We talked about how many acts of kindness can be so simple and quick (smiling to a stranger, opening a door for others, saying “I love you.”); but how powerful they can mean to someone else. 

My expression after the Kindergarteners told me "YES!" they were done being kind after Kindess Week!

Sharing some great ideas of ways to be kind!

Discussing ways you can give your Heartprints away (acts of kindness)

Friday was an exciting day because my husband was asked (or maybe I volunteered him! ;)) to attend Kindness Week at Nativity elementary school.  As a team, we were able to discuss ways we can make others happy through acts of kindness. We also put on a skit to show how kindness should not look like! The point of the skit was to share how sometimes we say things just to say them, but it is more meaningful to express and show acts of kindness when it’s coming from your heart. 

An example of not being Kind! (Avoiding to help your husband when he falls)
Giving hugs is one of my favorite acts of kindness :)

Many students wanted to share how they have been kind this week

When we got home, Adam shared his observation of how “powerful” my crown is. Just by wearing a crown, I was able to captivate an entire gymnasium of young children and discuss ways we can make a difference through acts of kindness. It’s pretty amazing how I was looked at in awe as a princess or queen by these little boys and girls…just because of the sparkling tiara on my head. But what I wanted them to know that it wasn’t about me. I hope the message I shared, came across that they are the ones who matter and they can make a difference. 

Simple gestures of being kind can make such a huge difference.  We all personally know when someone is truly being kind because of what they say or how they say it. I am going to challenge myself to really think about how I fit the word kindness into my daily schedule. And I think that is a challenge worthy of any of us.

Ashley Voigt
Mrs. North Dakota International 2012

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