Presidential Award for Academic Achievement and Shopping for Nationals

Hello everyone!
Last week was an amazing week!!! It started with me receiving the Presidential Award for Academic Achievement at my school!  It was an amazing honor to receive an award signed by President Obama.

To wrap up my wonderful week, I was met by Allison and Kathy to start shopping for nationals!! I was in heaven going through several dress shops and finding too many dresses I loved! With the assistance of mom, Allison, and Kathy, I was able to pick out most of my wardrobe and accessories.

I also made an appearance at the Civic Center for Women’s Health Day.  Stacy and I helped sign several women up to join the Go Red for Women fight against heart disease. 

Once again, I would love to thank Allison and Kathy for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime, for all their guidance, support, and for being very dear friends along the way, and my family for all their help, support and guidance!!
Until next time, I’m Emily Carson, Miss Teen North Dakota International

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