From high heels to sandbagging...a week in the life of Miss Teen ND

Hi Everyone! 
The past week has been both awesome and challenging.  

First, I was able to participate in North Dakota’s Band Day parade! I met a lot of new people as well saw some familiar faces! I was even asked for a picture with Scratch from Bobcat Hockey!

I also had a day in Fargo with my sister queens Shelle and Stacy and my state directors to prepare for the national competition coming up in July in Chicago. I am very excited to be able to talk about my platform Keeping Teens Tobacco Free and meeting with all the other state queens!

Most recently, I have traded my high heels to help sand bag to protect in my hometown.  This has been a challenging time for the residents of Bismarck. We are all on flood duty with the release of water from the Garrison Dam. There is an urgent need for volunteers to help fill sandbags and help protect friends, neighbors, family and total strangers homes and businesses. I was honored to stand side by side with my fellow neighbors to help in the efforts to protect our community. 

As a member and big fan of the Dakota Zoo I was able to help protect the animals and homes at the zoo. It was very rewarding to look back at all the hard work and dedication the community has done to help each other with emotional and physical assistance in the fight to keep each other dry. 

It is times like this that you cannot only see but you can feel the love and commitment that the wonderful city of Bismarck has to make North Dakota a great state to live in.

Until next time!
Emily Carson

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