“Look Within Your Selfie” Feature

One of my favorite experiences this year has got to be working with the phenomenal, incredible, amazing Suzy Bootz! Not only is her name absolutely unbelievably adorable, but her ability to inspire and motivate is like nothing I have ever experienced in my life. Suzy was always my light at the end of the tunnel and I am so grateful for every moment that I was able to spend working with her. She helped me learn to bring out the best in me and find all of the extraordinary things about me that I thought were just ordinary. She helped me to value my experiences and see meaning and purpose in my goals. I feel so much more prepared for presenting myself after working with her.

So now that you know all about my ridiculously unhealthy obsession with Suzy, she really made me feel like an absolute super star when she asked me to be featured in her new blog “Look within your selfie!” No really, I felt Beyonce level famous. When she sent me the questions, I thought I would stew over them FOREVER until the cows came home to make sure I had the perfect answers that would represent how well Suzy had trained me to speak, but I was surprised at how quickly and fluently my answers came out. With just a few minutes of proof reading, I left them alone. I let my first response be my only response and I thought that would be how I could demonstrate how well Suzy coaches. I was able to respond quickly with confidence and speak from my heart knowing who I am. So here it is, the blog feature that makes me feel famous!


Meg Pulkrabek RD, LRD

Miss North Dakota International 2014

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