Between being a farming wife, 3 kids, and working full-time, we also moved to a new house in October! I have moved numerous time in my life but never with this many people in a household! Wow, had we accumulated 'stuff' over the past 7 years in our old house! This was a full-time job in itself.....I know anyone that has done this can relate! So, I had to miss/turn down some events this month as Mrs. ND International which made me sad but a girl can only do so many things! We live out in the country now in a big beautiful log-type home and we are enjoying our new space (which will soon fill up!). I am parting with a big collection and will be making a big donation of plush bears to Sanford Childrens' Hospital, so be watching for news on that! 
Jennifer Mauch
Mrs. ND International 2013

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