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Diet Right by Tessa Monzelowsky

  I have chosen to write about this topic because I’m hoping to help anyone out there looking to take charge of their health. So often we look towards the latest diet trend, and we are constantly being flooded with images of what the ideal in shape body looks like. Personal health looks different on everyone, and the latest diet trend is just that, the latest trend.                  When it comes to getting active many people start out to find a way to b estrong. Getting active should be a process, and have a set of reachable goals. Your own personal level will depend on where you’re starting. I am a runner, but I love it so that’s what I do as my activity. That’s another important part of getting active, find something you really enjoy. I personally am not a gym person, nor do I like at home workout videos, but I know many people who have found both of these to be a great way to keep active. For me I love the solitude of running, I love the small studio I go to for workouts twice a we

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