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Mackenzie Fuller's Adventures at Nationals

  Wow! It has already almost been a month since nationals, and I still feel like it was just yesterday. I feel honored to be able to represent the great state of North Dakota on an international level! Get ready for a lot of pictures, because I have so many fun memories I want to share with you! From the moment I left North Dakota, I knew that Nationals Week was going to be amazing! Miss North Dakota International 2021 Megan Koehler and I were traveling together, so of course it would be a great time! I was able to take my picture with each pilot I was on the plane with! I told them that I flew a plane last year for my aviation class, and they were all pretty impressed that I had that opportunity at 16 years old!  Our first stop after leaving North Dakota was our connecting flight in Dallas, Texas. Guess who we found in the airport? Miss Texas International 2021 and Miss Teen Texas International 2021! We took lots of pictures together and made a great bond before even being officially

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