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Tessa Monzelowsky, North Dakota International Ambassador 2021, and Running

  Why running? Who actually likes to run for fun? These are the two most   common questions I get from people when they hear I train multiple days a week to go run long-distance races.   Another question I have been asked over the last two years several times is, what is the purpose to all of this, what are you expecting to get from it?               Let me first answer the easy question, who actually runs for fun? The people who have discovered what running does for them, the ones who have figured out a stronger Why then a Why Not. Now, why running? Running has its obvious benefits to your physical health, you’ll lose weight, and gain some muscle. There are also the great cardiovascular benefits to help prevent being the 1 in 3 statistics for heart disease or stroke. But, for most the reason we run has a great deal to do with our mental and emotional health.   Running naturally produces the happy hormone dopamine. You will also find that by pushing some of the limits of your own bod

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