Miss Junior Teen North Dakota International 2017 Farewell

Grateful, humbled and blessed!  Being crowned Jr. Miss Teen ND International 2017 was a dream come true, but never did I realize just how fulfilling and impactful this experience would be. My incredible journey has allowed me to share my platform “Choose Happiness” across the great state of North Dakota, and do SO many good things for others.
Working with the Salvation Army, the Angel Tree and Operation Christmas Child programs, Bismarck Cancer Center, the United Way, Tracy’s Sanctuary House, the God’s Child Project, and Carnivale for a Cause were all highlights from my amazing year.
I was also honored to promote good heart health, as a spokesperson for the American Heart Association. Encouraging people to stay heart healthy was very rewarding!
Attending benefits throughout the year really touched my heart. Whether I was dancing for Silas, a brave boy fighting leukemia; helping grant a wish to Haleigh; or delivering cupcakes and smiles for Addie, the time spent volunteering and making a difference is something I’ll never forget!
Other highlights included being a special guest at the Medora Musical, appearing in numerous parades, and spending time with children at BECEP and the elderly at Senior Centers. I loved putting together “Blessing Bags” for homeless children. And being featured in the very first issue of “It’s Her Brand” magazine was quite an honor, too!
Presenting my platform “Choose Happiness” to groups and organizations was one of my favorite experiences. Proverbs 16:20, says “Whoever trusts in the LORD, happy is he.”  When we appreciate the many blessings in our lives, we will be truly happy!
There are so many people to thank.
Janelle and Meg… Thank you for your guidance and encouragement and always being my cheerleaders! I loved every minute of my year with you !
My sister queens Angelina, Siam, Payton and Wijar…It was wonderful sharing this year with you. Thanks for the fun times and memories to last a lifetime. You are wonderful role models and will forever be my big sisters!
My sponsors…your generosity and support have made a difference in my year. I am grateful to all of you!
My friends and especially my family… Thanks for your unconditional love and support and always encouraging me to reach for the stars! You are the biggest supporters of my dreams and I am grateful for everything you do for me. I love you all!
The support and love I’ve received means the world to me, and has made this entire year possible! You all have a special place in my heart.
Above all, I need to thank God. With Him, I know ANYTHING is possible. He helps me Choose Happiness each and every day which I use to glorify Him. 
To my successor: While it is bittersweet to see my reign end, I am excited to pass the crown to you because I know what a great year you will have. My advice is to enjoy the ride, embrace all opportunities, and remember to be yourself.
I am honored to be your 2017 Jr Miss Teen ND International. Always remember to Choose Happiness!
Alexis Thompson

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