Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

I don't take the time to express my thankfulness towards you and all that you do. 
 Thank you for teaching me the value of hard work. Growing up, I saw you get up early every morning and come home late at night. You showed me that in order to be successful, you must strive for greatness. I 'm so grateful for everything you have provided for our family through your hard work, and sacrifices. 
 Thank you for being patient. Whether it was teaching me how to ride a bike or listening to me explain my car trouble, you always tried to be calm and collected. But most importantly, thank you for remembering of the fact that I am still a kid and I will make mistakes. Your understanding when I mess up has shown me that it s okay to have imperfections. 

Thank you for your constant support. Although, I may not always keep you in the loop with my life's activities I know I'll always have a cheerleader in my corner.
 Thanks for your love and affection. Even though it is few and far between, the moments of hugs and "proud of you" mean that much more.
 You deserve way more than just a day for all the things you do for myself and our family. So for this Father's Day and every other day, thanks for being you and making those sacrifices to get me where I am today. 
 Forever and Always,
Siam Simpfenderfer
 Miss North Dakota International 2017

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