Camping with my Mr. North Dakota

I recently had my very first camping experience. Yep, that's right. I am 25 years old and it was my first time camping. As you probably know, I am from the desert. And although Vegas has nice parks and great hiking spots, the snakes, scorpions and 100+ degree temperatures don't really make for an ideal camping situation. I was so excited that I even let my husband do most of the packing because he was the expert of the two of us. Jake wanted us to have the "real" experience which apparently meant having no extra blankets or an air mattress. That's right, I had a sleeping bag, pillow and the nice hard ground! As you can imagine, that night was rough. It was quite chilly too. But as I woke up, I loved feeling the warm sunshine and hearing the birds chirp that beautful morning. And, although my body was a little sore from sleeping on the ground, I knew I couldn't complain. There are people who sleep on the ground every day because that's all they have. It was uncomfortable, but it was a fresh perspective and a chance to be greatful for the something I often don't think twice about- my bed. 

Sometimes the simplest of moments can remind us of the blessings we often overlook.

The next day, we went on a bike ride with our dog, Koda. Last year we trained him to run beside our bikes as we rode around town. So, this year, we were thrilled to take him on a real bike trail. After a good long ride around the lake, we headed for the trail. By this time, Koda was pretty tired, and as we slowed down our pace, we noticed the cutest couple riding their bikes in front of us. They were stopping every few minutes to look at the trees and take pictures and just simply enjoy nature. As we caught up to them and passed their bikes, we noticed that they have the EXACT same bikes that Jake and I had and even the same colors. As I saw that, I had a thought of our future. Someday I hope we will be like that couple that isn't too old or bored with life to go on a bike ride and simply enjoy nature together. 

At my age, things are always busy. Getaways seem few and far between. And when you have kids, they become your life (or so I've heard). But after the kids are gone and I am a cute old person (that has aged very gracefully), it will just me and Jake again. 

My prayer is that as the years go by, my husband and I remember to love each other like we were young, appreciate the simple joys in life, and always go on bike rides together. 

My first camping experience turned out to be a great getaway and a chance to reflect on life. ❤

Until next time,
Turning Moments Into Movements

Angelina Yarbrough 
Mrs. North Dakota International 2017

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