Meghanne's First College Semester

Wow, it has been sometime since I have caught up with everyone and my blog! I would like to start by saying, I'm alive, doing well, and super busy; and I love it! I started college back in the beginning of September at the University of Mary, and so far it has been amazing.
I am going to be honest, being a people person has always been my strong point, not math and science. So, this semester I have taken on a math and a science to get them out of the way, but that’s where my main focus has been for the past few months and will continue to be until Christmas break. Other than my challenging class load, college has been even better than I expected. I have found that I do not want to be a nursing major (hence the math and sciences), but I have switched my major to Business Administration with a minor in Communications (hence the people person thing).
College isn’t all classes; I have met a TON of new friends and people that are so amazing and I can't wait to finish the year out with them. I am so grateful that I am able to attend a University, and live on campus to get the full "college experience". Without living on campus I wouldn't be able to be in various activities and programs such as the program at the University of Mary called TRIO where I get amazing volunteer opportunities and can spend my free time participating in those.
So, yes, college isn't a walk through the park.. It's more like a walk to the Sahara Desert in the middle of July, but I wouldn't trade my education for anything in the world. I am so blessed to be able to attend such a wonderful University.
With love,

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