An opportunity I'm happy I didn't pass on!

The International Pageant System – An opportunity I’m happy I didn’t pass on!

Hello, Everyone! In my last blog post, I shared a message with you about the importance of combining the abilities we have with the opportunities around us, in an effort to reach our fullest potential and to be the best versions of ourselves. In this blog, I’d like to elaborate on that message by sharing with you an opportunity that I’m happy I didn’t pass on; The International Pageant System.

Exactly 1-year ago, I was approached by the Directors of the North Dakota International Pageant System and presented with the opportunity to participate in the 2016 ND International Pageant, which was only 3-months away. Having no pageant experience, other than being a judge for 1 other pageant, watching an occasional pageant on television and the dozen or so times that I’ve watched Miss. Congeniality, I wasn’t completely familiar with the pageant world, and I will admit that I even had some misconceptions of what pageants were all about. Because of that, my initial reaction was to say no thank you to the opportunity. However, after I thought about it for a few days and did some research on the International Pageant System, I absolutely fell in love with everything that it stood for, so I began to consider the opportunity.

The mission of the International Pageant System is to ‘make a difference’. The system was developed to support and empower married women, young women and teens by showcasing their accomplishments and their commitment to family and marriage. They are also a platform-based system, which means that they focus heavily on character and on the work that we do. Each participant represents a cause or organization that they spend their time promoting and bringing awareness to throughout the year. They look for women who are usually philanthropic-minded and find it important to make a difference within their communities and within the World as a whole; hence the International component. One last thing that I find to be very special about this system is their commitment to their faith and their belief in God. When I truly began to understand the overall vision and the values of the International Pageant System, and when I started breaking down some of those hesitations and misunderstandings that I initially had, participating seemed like the only natural choice to make, as everything they stand for are all things that I too believe in and am very passionate about and committed to.

With that in mind, I began to look at the abilities and gifts in which God has provided to me. From my commitment to supporting and empowering women and young ladies, to my passion of making a difference in the world, and even my devotion to growing in my faith and living my life through His word, this opportunity seemed to only highlight my abilities and my gifts. It seemed to be another great way for me to make the most out of my abilities and to reach my fullest potential by being the best version of myself. As you already know the end of the story, you know that I, in fact, chose to say YES! Not knowing what would come of the experience, I simply chose to be my best self by combining my abilities with an opportunity.

In closing, I leave you with this; Whatever abilities and gifts you’ve been blessed with, I urge each and every one of you reading this to commit each and every day of your life to reaching your fullest potential and to being the best version of yourself by simply combining your abilities and your gifts with the opportunities around you. You’re not going to know for sure what the outcome of that opportunity is going to be, but that’s not the important part. The important part is that you’re contributing your abilities and your gifts to the world; and therefore, fulfilling your Purpose!

Until next time, continue to lead by example and make a difference!

Your Mrs. North Dakota International 2016
Ashley Rae Klinger

“Leading by example for those around us and making a difference in the lives of others isn’t a hobby; it’s a Purpose!” ~ Ashley Rae Klinger

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