You are Laughable

            Another month is coming to an end and I hope everyone had a month of happiness and laughs.
            Today I want to tell you about something I learned at nationals. You may have heard it before and that is okay so did I, but over nationals I was capable of fully understanding the meaning to just laugh at myself. Yes, I discovered the importance of laughing at oneself!
            It is one thing to be having a good time with a few girlfriends and being giggly or to say a joke and laugh. This is about just simply being you and accepting it all.
            Over the course of my reign, I have discovered many talents and faults in myself and I continually remind myself that,“ I am not perfect and that is okay.” I say this because no one is perfect but I know I am who I am and that is always enough. Over nationals one could say I was a “hot mess” and I really was! I was forgetting things all the time, dropping whatever was in my hands, and getting lipstick on my teeth! Usually people just have an off day, but mine lasted a whole week! Most importantly though, I didn’t let those things affect me.
            I remember getting in the elevator on my way to the room to grab something I forgot and just giggling to myself that, of course, I would have forgotten this! There was another time I attempted to open my handbag and everything came flying out of it onto the floor. Instead of getting embarrassed and looking around at who saw, I just laughed. I found myself laughing with strangers that quickly turned into lifelong friends and laughing in the shower at something that happened that day.
            Laughter is so important to our lives as we often take things too serious. Being at Nationals was a stressful but the laughter is what really pulled me through. It wasn’t only my laughter but Meghanne's laughter, the other contestants laughter and even my goofy directors.
            The ending thought that I want to share with you is that laughing at yourself is completely humbling. It is a reality check of who you really are and being completely okay with it. Lets not forget that a smile and laugh is also the most beautiful thing anyone can wear, so embrace it! Embrace who you are and don’t let who you are, distract you from the moment, because who you are as a person is what makes the moment special.


 Taylor Woodruff, Miss North Dakota International 2016 

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