Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Did someone say "back to school"?!

Time sure is flying! Can you believe it? September is here and almost over!
School is back in session and let me tell you, I couldn’t be more excited! This year I start my Junior Year of College at North Dakota State University in Fargo, ND and it has been nothing short of great! As a junior, college is not the quite the hype it was my freshmen year but I honestly haven’t been more excited and pleased with where I am and what I am doing!
Each year I like to challenge myself in a different way and this year I particularly challenged myself to love. Whether it is to love myself, my classes, the people around me, or even love the bird that pooped on me last week. As I get older I realize the littlest things are often taken advantaged of and I personally want to enjoy anything and everything that I can. Yes, even find the joy of the bird pooping. Because like I told you last time, we all have to laugh at ourselves a little. It is not always easy to love, trust me, it is only going into week 5 of school this fall and I have had some hard times, but I have learned to love the walk from the parking lot to my classes. I have learned to love the strangers I sit next to because they too had to get to that 8am class just like I did and still have the energy to smile back at me. The little things right?
Today I challenge you to slow down just a little to embrace what is around you this school year. Stop wishing it away for the next summer vacation, and love whatever you can. Maybe it seems a little silly but give it a try!

Until next time!

Miss North Dakota International 2016