Busy life of Miss North Dakota International 2016

Hello again! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying as busy as I have been!
A few weeks ago, June 4-5 to be exact I had a CRAZY and fun weekend!
Saturday morning my mother and I woke up bright and early, filled three coolers with soda and water and loaded them onto the wagon. It was my hometowns annual Devils Run where hundreds of classic cars come to town for shows. The parade was going to be starting soon so we drove downtown and began to sell the beverages along the parade route! Most the time people see Queens in a hot looking car waving and perhaps throwing candy but I walked the entire parade and back!

            After the parade our Lake Region Fire Department has an event called “Fill the Boot” to fight muscle disease! The firemen stand at busy streets with their gear on and hold a boot that they collect money in. Everyone in town knows what the “Fill the Boot” is and I wanted to help! So I spent 2.5 hours of my afternoon with firefighters and holding a much heavier boot than I expected (people would dump their car change into it) to later find out they raised over $9,000! I was so shocked and happy that I got to be a part of such a fun and well known event!  Thank you Lake Region Fire Department for allowing me to help, I had such a blast!

            The next day, Sunday, my family helped me host a Pancake and Sausage feed! Lucky for us, we knew someone who has done a lot of fundraising before and helped make the day go smoothly because my mother and I have never planned a feed before! With lots of help of family and friends and donations from local businesses we were able to not only serve breakfast but have a bake sale and a silent auction! Things such as banana bread, pies, and cupcakes and then a turkey fryer, a free one night stay at a hotel, and handmade aprons were just a few of the items that were given! I also had a table set up with pictures of my reigning journey, my awards from state, my hometowns sash, and things about my partnership with VolunteerMatch! The whole event was a success! I had such a blast telling guests about my journey and what I do, taking pictures with kids, and eating pancakes of course! This event could not have been possible without all the help I had and the people that believe in me. Thank you everyone for everything! All the money made over the weekend was dedicated to my National Journey that is less than a month away now! Crazy how time flies when you’re having fun!

Thanks for catching up on my blog!

Taylor Woodruff
Miss North Dakota International 2016

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