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            Today I want to share with you something I have created about a year ago and has become a very strong asset to me over this time. In a crazy busy world, it can become difficult to focus on your goals, your dreams, and staying true to you. These are all reasons why I had created a Personal Mission Statement! Personal Mission Statements are beneficial for several reasons.
1. It forces you to think deeply about your life, clarify the purpose of your life, and identify what is really important to you.
2. It forces you to find your deepest values and aspirations.
3. It reminds you of your values and purposes so they can become a part of you rather than something you only think about occasionally.
There are many ways to write a mission statement and it is completely however you want to create it! I wrote mine as a motivating reminder to why I do what I do in my everyday life and I would love to share it with you all!

I believe in living a proactive, intentional and loving way of life.
With that, I want to live a life with purpose and with direction.
I will not let others put me down with negative words and inconsideration.
I will enjoy my life with laughter, communication, love and with people whom I love.
I hope to have opportunities to use my God given talents of multi-tasking, leadership, consideration, and hard working abilities. I can do anything I set my mind to, God-willing, as anything is possible with Him. I will stand on solid rock; not on sand that will crumble beneath me.
My life’s journey will be traveled with passion.
I want to be passionate about everything I do and all that I believe. I want whatever it is, to be real and genuine.
I want those around me to see a fun, considerate and God-seeking woman. I want them to see the love I share and passion I have in what I am doing.
Though, not everyone will see these things in me and that is okay. I may slip, become selfish, or angry, but I am not perfect, nor do I expect to be. Those who want to be a part of my life will love me despite my imperfections. I need to accept that my best is THE best.
I will constantly renew myself by praying, exercising, loving, and spending personal time reflecting myself.
To keep my focus on my long term goal I will contribute all things listed above to get where I need to be. I am a loving, independent, God-depending woman, who will SUCCEED.

**This Mission statement holds my personal goals, morals, and beliefs in one. I have it printed and hung on my desk and in my Bible. If you care to contact me with any questions or want help in creating your OWN personal Mission statement please do so! You can always find me on Facebook or Instagram!  Thank you again for all your support! God Bless you all!

Your Miss North Dakota International 2016

Taylor Woodruff- xoxo

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