Staying Organized As Miss Teen North Dakota International

Let’s be honest, being a queen is very time consuming, but being a queen and a senior in high school is triple time consuming! How do you do it? If you follow my simple steps, it should be easy!
            Step one: PUT EVERYTHING ON A CALENDER! No matter how sure I am that I will remember an event, I will forget it. I put my appointments, work schedule, appearances, even times I am making up quizzes or tests for school! Trust me, with being full time student and a beauty queen; you are going to need the reminder.
            Step two: SLEEP! I cannot emphasize how important sleep is. If my day starts off with me being tired, good luck getting me to function. With a busy schedule all the time sleep is definitely your best friend
            Step three: DOWN TIME! Take advantage of every single free moment you have. I like to spend my down time with my family or watching grey’s anatomy! My suggestion is to choose something relaxing that doesn’t stress you out.
            Step four: PLAN! I have figured out the least stressful way to deal with a busy week is to plan out every detail of it on Sunday. I’ll sit down and look at my calendar and make sure I know where I’m going what days and at what time. 
            Step five: HOMEWORK!  While being a queen, it’s almost impossible not to miss at least some of school. When I know I am going to be missing school, I make sure to get my assignments done ahead of time or get them done before I get back to school.
            Steps 1-4 can also be used for the Mrs. out there that are juggling jobs as well. I hope this helps you out as much as it helps me!
Yours truly,
Jordyn Sayler
Miss Teen North Dakota International 2015

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