Beauty Tips from a Beauty Queen

               First off let me clarify that the most beautiful aspect of a person comes from the inside. If you are beautiful on the inside, it shows on the outside. But who doesn’t love curling their hair and putting on some rocking lipstick!
            The two most important routines to get into are washing your face day and night along with brushing your teeth. Washing your face will help keep acne away and as soft as a babies bottom! Make sure you choose a good moisturizer to put on after! You wear your smile everywhere so why not add some shine and keep those pearly whites white by brushing them morning and night.
            Now that we have a clean face and clean teeth, it’s time for some makeup. I feel makeup is an art that takes a lot of practice and skill. I’m no makeup artist but I feel I can do a pretty good job. I haven’t always been able to though. When I first started doing my makeup I was a big fan of Pink’s neon blue eye shadow. I would use my finger and put a thick layer just on my eyelid. That’s it. Nothing else. Then I slowly transitioned to gold, but I in no way shape or form toned down the thickness. I did, however, add in a nice fat line of black eyeliner to finish off the look. My point is that you have to start somewhere! (Hopefully you skip the blue eye shadow stage) Make sure you pick a foundation that matches your skin tone. You don’t want to look like you smashed Dorito’s on your face, yet you don’t want to look like a porcelain doll. Almost any makeup store will match one for you. The goal here is to not make yourself look fake, just a little enhanced. Choose makeup that will compliment you, not over power you.
            I prefer spray tans instead of tanning beds, but if you like tanning beds keep on being you. Unless you are gifted and have beautifully tanned skin no matter what. And if that is the case then I am insanely jealous of you! If you are a typical white girl like me and need to go spray tanning here are a few tips. Always scrub your entire body with dish soap and salt right before you get spray tanned. Make sure you shave too! Don’t put any lotions, products, or deodorant on after you get out of the shower and when your spray tan is drying. Shower the next day and put on lotion after every shower to preserve your golden skin. Try not to use any products that contain salicylic acid. (Used to prevent acne) Also, do not rub your skin with a towel after showering, just dab.
            Now it is time to talk about clothes. I love dressing up but I also like to be comfortable. For my every day clothes that I wear to school I like to choose something cute that will keep me comfy all day. Leggings are my go to! You can dress almost any outfit up by adding some flashy jewelry and some sassy kicks!
            Its hair time!  My favorite hairstyle for my hair is big and curly. I either use a barrel curler or a wand to curl it. I have learned that a wand is much easier to use than a barrel curler! I don’t really have any tips other than just practice a few times.
            Remember whether you have on makeup or not, dressy clothes or not, you will be beautiful no matter what!
            Yours Truly,
Jordyn Sayler, Miss Teen North Dakota International 2015


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