Peer Facilitating!

Winning the title of Miss Teen North Dakota International has given me a voice to be able to share my platform all over the state of North Dakota. My platform is making healthy decisions through Peer Facilitating. Peer Facilitating is a mentoring program made up of high school students who are committed to affecting positive change within their school and their community. Some of the things that we as Peer Facilitators do include volunteering with partnering organizations, mentoring other students, and being positive role models in our school.
In order to become a Peer Facilitator you either need to be recommended into the group by a current member or be chosen by the supervisor. After you have been selected you will go through a summer course that teaches you the skills to become a Peer Facilitator. In this course you learn about how to deal with certain situations, how to listen and talk to someone, and how to appropriately get a person the help they need.  
Every year the Peer Facilitators help decorate for homecoming, organize the blood drive, and do various forms of volunteer work within the school and the community. We recently had a stuffed animal drive to collect stuffed animals for Shriners Hospital for Children. It was a HUGE success! We collected even more than we needed and have decided to donate the rest to the humane society. Our next plan is to make tie blankets for Project Ignite Light.
As you can see Peer Facilitating is an amazing program! I have been involved in the Peer Facilitating program at my high school for three and a half years and I know through experience that this program not only positively impacts my school and my community but has also shaped me as an individual and a leader.
Yours Truly,

            Jordyn Sayler, Miss Teen North Dakota International 2015

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