Crowning Moments From Mrs. North Dakota International 2015!

Do you remember when your heart was pounding when you were sixteen years old and it was the first time you drove all by yourself in your car? Or when you get a new job and your chest could explode with the amount pride you have? Or the top of the world feeling after you drive a car for the first time and have the radio turned up and the window rolled down? Do you remember looking at a loved one, maybe a spouse, new born baby or parent and feel full of happiness and joy that you don’t want to take your eyes off of them? Or perhaps the first morning filled with pride waking up in a new home? The overwhelming feeling of happiness, pride and joy that you feel to filled with the presence of the Lord that it brings you to tears of joy?

For me, I felt a rush and a combination of all of these feeling plus so much more the night I was crowned, Mrs. North Dakota International 2015. A title that was not won by me alone. I thank God for putting the passion of The Joy of Sox in my heart, and for providing me with the tools necessary to compete. It was a special moment in time that I got to share with the other gorgeous 2015 North Dakota International delegates. I walk away having learned something and will continue to learn from each of you, my crown belongs to all of us. It was a goal that I set for myself nine years prior. It was a night that my beloved husband, John lovingly placed a crown on my head- it was a magical moment that I feel so blessed to have been able to share it with him. The next twenty minutes, to be honest is a bit of a blur- I remember all of the hugs, trembling, tears and congratulatory words from everyone. These words and actions will forever be engrained in my heart. I believe that special moments in life are primarily only special because of who you share them with, thank you to everyone that shared my crowning moment with me through being at the auditorium that night, my facebook friends, my Instagram followers, my Twitter followers and so many community and people across the country that shared that moment with me. 

My crowning moment is perhaps can best be summed up by Whitney Houston when she once sang:
“Give me one moment in time
When I'm more than I thought I could be”

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