Crowning Moments from Miss Teen North Dakota International 2015!

So there I was, standing there at the front of the stage holding hands with the other beautiful girls just waiting to see whom the winner was going to be. The announcer called the second runner up, then the first runner up. My heart was beating so fast I literally thought it was going to fall out of my chest! Then it was the moment everyone had been waiting for…the crowning moment! The announcer called my name and I was flooded with a million emotions. I stepped forward and was greeted by the three former queens. They gave me beautiful flowers and my sash and Madison Johnson, Miss Teen North Dakota International 2014, crowned me. I waved to the crowd as tears started building up (Tears of joy of course!). After the other two queens were crowned and the pageant was over I walked over to my family. I was congratulated with hugs, flowers, and my favorite chocolate from my parents! I was so thankful that all of my friends and family were there to support me.

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