Crowning Moments from Miss North Dakota International 2015!

To summarize my experience at the Miss North Dakota International Pageant I couldn't just use one word. Magnificent, extraordinary and splendid are a just few words that come to mind when describing my experience. 

Everyone was so helpful from the first moment I arrived. I could tell our directors Kathy and Allison really genuinely care about each woman that was competing! It was an overall warm atmosphere which is exactly how the pageant world should be. 

I once read- Girls compete against eachother but Women encourage eachother! This describes each woman at the 2015 North Dakota International Pageant! 

Each of the women competing from Teen to Miss to Mrs. were genuinely sweet hearted and there for the right reasons! I could tell that everyone there wanted the best for the woman sitting next to her! I am proud to call these women my friends!

Crowning Moments:

When I was crowned Miss ND International 2015! First off, all of the women standing next to me were absolutely wonderful so I didn't have a clue what was to happen! I was in complete shock, all I remember is crying and looking over at Jordyn who had just been crowned Miss Teen ND International and crying some more. Then all of the sudden I heard "SQUAT" from sweet beautiful Meg P (Miss ND Intl 2014) who apparently was trying very hard to put the crown on my head while I was, as she described it, "shaking like a leaf!" 

After making a fool of myself I began to calm down and snap back into reality! 

Realizing I had just been blessed with a new life adventure! 
Until Next time- Miss ND International 2015 Meg Yahna 

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