Meet Your Miss North Dakota International 2015!

My name is Megan Yahna but my friends call me Meg! I was recently crowned Miss North Dakota International 2015!

I have been dreaming about being crowned Miss North Dakota ever since the fourth grade, when Miss North Dakota gave a presentation at my elementary school! I remember sitting in my classroom with my ratty, blonde, pigtails staring up at her. There was something about her, something that set her apart from anyone else I had ever seen! It was almost like she was glowing, she was so beautiful, poised, intelligent and caring. She was everything my little fourth grade self strived to be.  Not to mention she had a shimmery princess crown! However, it was not until I went to college where the title of Miss North Dakota began to mean much more to me than a striking persona and shimmery crown!

After having matured I have realized what the title of Miss North Dakota truly means to me! In my eyes Miss North Dakota is the epitome of service. Her job is much more than wearing a crown. Her job is to represent everyone in North Dakota while respecting all opinions.  Her job is to better the State of North Dakota by advocating any issue that is close to her heart! I was not only given a beautiful crown but the ability to use that crown to make a difference in North Dakota and I cannot wait!

A little bit about my 22 years of life!

I grew up as a farmer’s daughter in a small town called Larimore! Just in case you were wondering, Larimore is the shelterbelt capital of the world! Larimore does not only have shelterbelts it has the sweetest, friendliest, most caring people you will ever meet! We are a close-knit, farming community and I don’t know where I would be without their love and support!

I have a little brother Blake, who is 19 and would do anything for anyone! I also have a little sister Macy, who just turned 13 and is brilliant beyond measure. I love them both more than words can say!

My Mom Lori was the head of the radiology department at a hospital in Grand Forks when she decided to stay home with my little sister. She is now in charge the local wellness center and is a devoted volunteer at the Larimore Food Pantry. She instilled service in my heart from day one! If wasn’t sitting in the tractor with Dad I was helping my mother with the newest volunteer activity she dreamed up!

I was a very blessed little girl! My parents put me in every sport and extra curricular activity imaginable. They always went out of their way to get me to every camp and event possible and just encouraged me to do my best win or loose and for that I thank them!

All throughout high school I was not only involved in all sports offered but was FCCLA President, Student Council Vice President and had numerous Vocal Solo, Music and Acting awards!

My senior year I was named Homecoming Queen! However, I never got to see my Homecoming football game due to a car accident I was in with two of my good friends. We were on our way into Grand Forks, which is about 30 minutes from Larimore, to get food before the big game when we rolled the jeep three times. Luckily the good Lord was on our side because we all were okay!

Later on I was to receive a bigger blessing when a letter came inviting me to compete at the Miss North Dakotas Homecoming Queen Pageant in Sioux Falls South Dakota! I thought, sure why not! I went to Sioux Falls for my first pageant and took home the title of First Runner up and Miss Congeniality! Only to get a call a few weeks later saying the winner couldn't go to the national pageant therefor I was the new Miss North Dakotas Homecoming Queen!

After High School I attended Mayville State University to play volleyball for a semester! I had a lot of fun with my teammates and learned a lot from Mayville’s great teachers but felt like the Lord wanted me to take a different path!

The next year I attended Minnesota State University Moorhead where I started a double major of Political Science and Biology! I got a job at Buffalo Wild Wings and I became a very avid volunteer! From food pantries to nursing homes to animal shelters I have experienced many different organizations committed to helping North Dakota! I like to think of my college in three parts, working, volunteering and studying! I wouldn’t give up any of it; my volunteer experiences have shaped me into the woman I am today!

My hard work eventually paid off and just this last summer at age 21 I graduated with a degree in Political Science! After I graduated I decided to drive across America and then go up and down the east coast! I stopped in North Carolina where I decided to adopt my little, elderly Cocker Spaniel who I named Pepper. It was a wonderful learning experience and I adopted my adorable dog!

I now live in West Fargo and attend North Dakota State University where I met my loving boyfriend Andrew. I plan to complete my second degree in Biology and then attend physician assistant School! I also intend to run for political office in the near future! A girl has to dream big right?!

My other hobbies include: modeling, barefoot water skiing, running, working-out, kite skiing, reading, knitting, playing with my dogs Coco, Raven and Pepper, hanging with my friends and family, singing and volunteering!

I am so excited for this new chapter of my life! I cannot wait to start my new year of service to better North Dakota as your Miss North Dakota International 2015! Here we go!

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