Make more mistakes!

With the 2015 season of the North Dakota International Pageants coming up, I know all of the beautiful contestants are starting to feel the pressure. The discipline is setting in and the intensity is building. But I want to make sure that no one is missing out on the real journey and that you're all still allowing yourselves to be who you are.
So I am hoping this comes as a gift of relief on your journey. I officially give you permission to make more mistakes!

It's so important to set your personal goals and lay out all of your plans as to how you want to change the world, but if you make a mistake, take a deep breath and learn from it. Instead of being hard on yourself, if you need to enjoy a piece of pumpkin pie this thanksgiving, allow yourself to enjoy the moment instead of feeling guilty later. If you need to skip your workout because you have other obligations with your family or your platform, it's ok. Those moments are part of what the judges are hoping to see in you also. If you need a moment to yourself to relax and watch your favorite show instead of practicing your on-stage walk, take that time so you can feel strong and focused later. It's about the action you decide to do and the emotions you allow yourself to have that will tell who you are to the judges. The judges are looking for a healthy, smiling, friendly girl... not a stressed out emotional hot mess. Every part of where you go will shape who you can present yourself as in the interview room and the realistic version of you is who the judges want to see. The real, genuine, imperfect you.
Let loose. Be who you are. Because when you win the crown, you'll be expected to do everything you did and more all over again for the next year as the title holder... and if you haven't learned to forgive yourself when you make a "mistake", it will be a tough year. Imagine lying on a job application and then being asked to do the things you said you could do when you're hired. I absolutely encourage all of the contestants to amp up their discipline to a level that is comfortable, but keep in mind that you will miss out on a lot of the fun along the way if you're too hard on yourself. Remember, it's YOUR journey!

Meg Pulkrabek RD, LRD
Miss North Dakota International 2014 

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