Little by little, one travels far...

When the fall weather started to set in, I was immediately reminded of where I was at this point last year preparing for the Miss North Dakota International pageant. I still can feel all of my excitement and anxiety! When I think of my goals one year ago and my goals now, they are completely different types of goals, but they are still true goals! I've always been a very hard-working, determined, and disciplined person and so my goals now are focused more towards freeing myself of some of my own rigid rules I tend to give myself. While I am still working on defending my Master's thesis by December, training for a 1/2 marathon in May, promoting speech and debate programs where ever I go, and earning my black belt, my more immediate goals are to learn to let myself relax. To round out my year, these are some personal goals of mine that I plan to accomplish before the date of the Miss North Dakota International pageant.
1) I want to do the crow pose at hot yoga class. Whenever the instructor challenges us, I stay in the safe frog pose, but I know better then to back down! And so far I can get one leg up when I practice at home. Any advice? 

2) I want to learn to enjoy a glass of wine. Any suggestions to a rookie wine drinker are appreciated! I would like to be able to enjoy a glass of wine without making a scrunchy face and frowning.
3) I want to see the movie Frozen. Sigh. I will admit it, I haven't seen it. I know ALL of the songs and I have read the book to my niece a few thousand times, but I haven't actually seen the movie. I know it's a sister movie and I am very very close to my sister, so I know I will cry, but I need to do it.
My journey sure has evolved quite a bit in a year
​, and ​
I hope yours has as well!

​Meg Pulkrabek RD, LRD ​
Miss North Dakota International 2014

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