Preparing for Nationals

The countdown is dwindling down to nationals! I could not be more excited. The checklists have begun, the eating habits are being cracked down on, and the nerves are setting in. I have been focusing a lot on preparing for the national pageant, but am still managing to enjoy myself and doing things around North Dakota with my state title. Although I am doing a lot to prepare, I want to go into it with an open heart and an open mind. I don’t want to be a robot answering questions or looking like I’ve over rehearsed. I will, and have prepared, and will practice the things I need to be able to perform my best, but want be the most natural me that I can be. This is an experience of a lifetime and I want to be able to enjoy every moment of it without over stressing the little things. And I plan on doing just that : )

Yours truly,

Madison Johnson

Miss Teen North Dakota International 2014 

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