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I don’t know that I will ever be able to identify myself as a runner. In my heart, I will always be a swimmer. I competed as a competitive swimmer from the time I was 8 years old all the way into college. And if you have ever known a swimmer, you probably don’t remember them for their running skills. A zero-gravity sport was best for me. My dad used to worry about me being able to be physically active as a kid due to my lack of coordination. I couldn’t catch a ball, throw a ball, kick a ball, or run, so my options became limited pretty quickly.

Well now, I have tried to embrace my potential as a runner. In the past year, I have competed in the Harvest Festival Fun Run 5k, Mudman 5k, Iceman 5k, and now I will be running the GoFar Challenge in the Fargo Marathon! This includes a 5k followed by a 10k the next day.

The night before I compete in my first ever 10k, I will be running a 5k for “Ethiopia Reads.” There is an amazing group of 60 elementary students here in Fargo that have been working together to change the lives of other kids halfway across the world. The students have been learning about Ethiopia and have noticed that the children do not have the same access to reading and books that they do. So they came up with a goal to furnish an entire library of books for other kids their age! I am honored to have the opportunity to run with these kids! (Well… maybe more trying to keep up with these kids, they have been training for this all winter!)

So here is where you come in! I would LOVE to have your giant signature featured on my shirt that I will wear during the Fargo 5k. I am charging $1 per signature (but you can certainly donate more!) and your donation will go straight to help Ethiopia Reads. I am so excited to fill this shirt with signatures! The race is May 9th, so you need to contact me fast to get the best spot on my shirt where you want to sign!

Visit to learn more about the project! Watch for more upcoming stories about this cause in the Fargo Forum soon. And let me know if you want to run for Ethiopia Reads too and get your very own shirt and a great reason for running ;)

Meg Pulkrabek RD, LRD

Miss North Dakota International 2014 

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