Get outta my dreams, get into my car!

Time really does fly by! I have driven the same car since I was a senior in high school, which I cannot believe has been almost 7 years now. Even though my entire family has tried to convince me to let it go, I just haven’t been ready to admit that I need a new car… even though the signs have been really obvious.

But, I finally did it! I decided that I had outgrown my car and we needed to go our separate ways. My sister literally jumped up and down when I said I was finally ready. I decided it was time to let it go when the heat went out. This year, the winter has been absolutely brutal, and while I am so proud to be North Dakota tough, I had to draw the line!

Before the heat went out, I was willing to put up with a few of the quirky features that made my Neon so unique. It came with a few damages originally, but I was happy to love it through all of them. I was used to having to jump the battery… a lot. Sometimes even if it had been plugged in a garage all night, it still needed a little jump from a separate battery pack my family gave me as a gift. The passenger door and window used to work, but they eventually went out somehow. So, if I ever had anyone brave enough to ride in my vehicle with me, there was a lot of crawling around necessary. The radio would go out every once and awhile, but I knew how to get it back if I hit certain bumps in town or took really sharp right turns. Because the radio went out, I honestly never had any idea what time it was if I had to be in my car for any length of time. And my Neon’s signature move was the car alarm. The car alarm would go off every time the door was unlocked during the summer. Not as often in the winter. This is how I always knew spring was coming and it was warm outside! My Neon would greet me every spring with the blaring car alarm and stop sometime around November when it would get cold again. It was like having my own groundhog to predict the weather.

But now I have finally purchased a new vehicle! And I realized how great it was the other day when I got a car wash and didn’t have to get out immediately afterwards to put the side mirrors back in place because they had flown off somewhere. I started to notice my hands aren’t as tingly and numb anymore because the steering in my new vehicle is aligned and I don’t have to cling onto the steering wheel like a bus driver trying to drive on the side of a cliff! And most importantly, I can turn the heat on J 

So even though it was a little tough at first to let my old friend go, it really didn’t take long for me to move on. Here’s to my exciting, new, and what will hopefully be another incredibly long relationship! 

Meg Pulkrabek RD, LRD
Miss North Dakota International 2014

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