Gym Rat Wannabe

The 90’s, I remember them fondly.  Late in that decade was the last time I held a gym membership.  I paid for a whole glorious year of exercise at a great 24-hour facility.  My plan was perfect, the timing was right, I never went even once.

Those of you who know me, know there is one thing I don’t like about working out…the “work” part.  It is too much work to change into my gym cloths, too much work to change out of my gym cloths, too much work having to shower again, too much work having to redo my make-up and hair, the getting sweaty part, and then there is the whole actual exercise part.  I don’t love that either.  I want to enjoy working out, to feel those endorphins I’m supposed to get.   I’d love to be a runner.  I love the way a runner’s body looks: long, lean, and smooth. (Plus those running skirts are super cute!)  

Well, my world is about to change!  This week I became a member of Courts Plus Community Fitness.  Courts Plus awarded me and my sister queens a one year membership.  I may not like exercise, but I do like prizes.  We upgraded the winning package to a family package and on Friday, my family and I loaded up the minivan and descended on the gym.  It was WONDERFUL! 

Courts Plus is a beautiful and clean facility.  My husband and I decided to start out slowly.  We took a half hour Les Mills’ Body Attack class. The instructor was so kind, she never even snickered when she watched my attempt at high-knee jogging. She took things nice and slow, and while I did feel like a fish out of water, I didn’t feel like I was going to die.  I kept myself motivated looking at the girl in front of me, who was wearing one of those cute running skirts.  I kept thinking, once I am good at this exercise thing, I can get one for me. 
The kids all loved the indoor playground, even my 13 year old.  It is the perfect place to run off some wiggles.  One of my sons said it was his best night ever.  I would agree.  It was right up there.  Everyone is excited to go back and they have been drooling over a list of children’s programming.  There are so many choices.  For the first time ever, I am actually a bit excited to work-out.  It may be the running skirt I am coveting, or it could be that I have finally found a work out facility that works for me.

Thank-you to the staff for running such a beautiful gym and thank you to Courts Plus for the membership.  Watch out, Courts Plus here we come. 

So there you have it… the tale of a gym rat wannabe.  Instead of avoiding the gym as I did for the past decade, I hope to make the next one a decade at the gym.  Come join me. 

Together we are on a grand adventure and I’ll be sure to keep you informed!


Janelle Steinberg, Mrs. North Dakota International 2014

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