All Good Things Come To An End!

Where did the year go? I remember much too well last year deciding and then preparing for the ND International Pageant and reminding myself that this is something I would never have done. But, these chances in life don't come along everyday and I knew I had to just try it!  

I was incredibly nervous but my goal was to be myself, live up this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and get to know some fabulous women. I achieved each one of my goals and went above and beyond my wildest dreams.
So, my words of advice for the contestants are to do these things too! Of course we all want to be crowned at the end of the weekend but as my dear friend told me along the way, 'the true crown is in your heart'.
Even if you make an impact on just one person, you have done what you were put in that place at that time to do.
Be yourself and be amazing!
Jennifer Mauch
Mrs. ND International, 2013

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