Princess Pageant

I was asked shortly after traveling to the Mrs. International Pageant to take part in a local Little Princess Pageant as the emcee. I gladly accepted of course! I was able to meet a special lady, Nancy, who has directed the princess pageant for quite some time. The princesses ranged in age from 5-7 and are judged on private interview, on stage interview, and party dress. These little girls were so sweet and I was honored to get to know all of them. 

The outgoing princess asked me at the morning rehearsal if I was going to wear my BIG crown later! I was able to visit with the families and friends following the event and wanted them to realize that I am a real person (the little girls looked at me like I was a real live Cinderella!). The message to all of the girls before the princess(es) were crowned was that they were all amazing and did such a great job. I wanted them to be proud that they were courageous enough to do this! 

I will be forever grateful for this opportunity and for all of the opportunities that I have been granted as I finish out my remaining months as Mrs. ND. International 2013. 


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