Bonanzaville’s Pioneer Days

A friend of mine who works at Bonanzaville in West Fargo invited my sister queens and I to ride in the parade during the pioneer village’s annual Pioneer Days. After my friend Emily told me that we would be able to ride with her in the Thunderbird convertible that she was driving, I knew we had to go!

Bonanzaville is a historic attraction that is home to tons of North Dakota’s historical artifacts. The Pioneer Days are a celebration of pioneer history and the settling of our great state of North Dakota! The annual celebration consists of demonstrations, entertainment, and educational programming, and of course, the parade!

Jen and I had a blast being in the parade and handing out candy to the kids! Due to safety issues, we were not allowed to throw candy from the car, so Jen and I instead chose to walk alongside of it so that we were able to hand the candy to the children! I found that I liked this a lot more than riding in a car- not only was it great exercise, but it allowed me to connect with the kids and families lining the streets!

A big thanks to Emily for inviting us and to Jen’s wonderful kids for being such troopers on the hot day!



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