Miss International Week!

Everyone goes into a pageant knowing that only one girl can win, but that doesn’t mean not walking away with the crown is any easier! Before competing in a pageant, it can be a tough balance to be confident in yourself and know that you CAN win, but preparing your emotions for the possibility that you WON’T win. I keep my confidence up by reminding myself that can’t and won’t are two different things!

The week of the Miss International Pageant was one of the most memorable of my life! At orientation, to my surprise, I started to get very emotional! That was the moment that it hit me- I was finally here! I had achieved my dream that I had been working towards for over four years (I competed in my state pageant 5 times before I won!). I knew then and there that I had to give this week my all and have the time of my life!

The rest of the week was jam packed full of activities like seeing the gorgeous views from the John Hancock Observatory, walking around the Lincoln Park Zoo, spending time with young girls at the Boys and Girls Club, attending the Princess Ball at the Skokie Library, and of course, rehearsals!

One of the best parts of all of these activities was getting participate in them alongside my Miss International Class of 2013 sisters! I know that everyone says it, but the caliber of women this pageant attracts is OUTSTANDING, and I just keep learning more amazing things about these women a month later!

I was so honored to have been named to the Top 10 at the Miss International 2013 pageant- it was such an amazing and unforgettable feeling hearing my name being called! I was also beyond excited to have been named the Fun Fashion Winner! Thanks to the North Dakota International Pageant sponsor Katie at Tres Chic and my directors Kathy and Allison for all collaborating on this beautiful design- we did it!

Lastly, I would like to say congratulations to Jesse, Miss International 2013, and the rest of my sister queens from the Class of 2013- I know you will all continue to do extraordinary things in your communities, states, and across the world!

xoxo, Taylor

Miss North Dakota International 2013 

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