Miss International Pageant Is Finally Here!!!!

Miss International week has finally started! As I sit in my hotel room getting ready for orientation, it is astonishing to think about my journey here. Four years ago, as a senior in high school, I came across the North Dakota International Pageant website and decided to compete. That year I vowed to myself that I would some day walk across the national stage, and now here I am!

I had competed in other pageants, but instantly fell in love with this pageant system. The first thing that attracted me to it was the fact that it is platform based, or what I like to call, beauties for a cause! My state directors are the other main reason I came back year after year- they are amazing women who I am blessed to know.

After competing for four years in a row and receiving a second runner-up title as well as 3 first runner-up titles, I almost didn’t compete in the 2013 pageant. About a month prior to the state pageant, I came across a website that had been posted on Facebook by a woman from my area whose daughter had committed suicide. After looking at the website, I knew then and there that I was ready to open up about my struggle with depression as a teenager in order to prevent more tragedies like the one this mother had to face. I
 e-mailed my state directors that night and signed up!

It’s amazing how God’s plan works- everything he does has such perfect and precise timing. My time thus far as Miss North Dakota International 2013 has had such a positive impact on my faith, and I feel so blessed to be representing my state this week! Go Team North Dakota!

XOXO, Taylor 

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