Freedom Is Not Free

Memorial Day means a day off for many Americans; we often forget what Memorial Day truly signifies. Many times we become focused on how things directly affect us and what we get out of them. On Memorial Day this year I packed my little ones bags of goodies to keep them busy and we went to our Memorial Day service in Hankinson. The American Legion Post No.88 put on a wonderful program to honor those men and women who sacrificed their lives while serving in the United States Armed Forces. I am very proud to say I have served my country in the United States Army, served a deployment and am blessed to be here to talk about it. I felt a sense of pride and sorrow as I was able to observe the Memorial Day program and watch the film that covered the wars in which our Armed Forces have served and where so many have lost their lives. Freedom is not free and once again I and so many others were reminded of just that and how truly important it is to remember those that have served and paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

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