Celebrate My Drive


Just this past weekend I was given the unique opportunity to #celebratemydrive at the local mall in Minnetonka, MN. There were drunk driving simulators, texting and driving simulators, roll-over simulators and lots of interactive booths and contests. State Farm puts on this event every year and it occurs in multiple states/cities. The experience was so fun and I was even given the chance to contribute my own personal driving views in a video that is being put together (link soon to come). It was great to see lots of local high schools coming out for the event, learning about driving safety and entering to win one of the many grants awarded to the schools.

This is a link showing a video of Scotty Mcreery thanking everyone for coming out to the celebrate my drive event and pumping everyone up for teen driver safety week (third week in October). Check it out for more info on the different events nationwide that State Farm put on September 15th!


Until next time,

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