Welcome Home Party!

                Last week was yet again great! It was my last week at home with my family before I headed back to Grand Forks to start school. My mom and grandma planned an open house at the Enderlin City Auditorium for my family and the community to come see all my pageant dresses, pictures, and speak with me about my year so far. My grandma and mom went above and beyond planning it and it was wonderful! We had three cakes (I love cake), mints, drinks, nuts, flowers galore, and my grandma bought crystal letters that spelt out my name. The plan was to have one cake and a couple balloons, so I couldn’t thank my grandma and mom enough for all that they did. It was a great night as people from the community came in to check out my dresses and talk with me.

                The very next day I spent the afternoon at our local nursing home where my mom lives. I used to work there as a CNA, and I knew the residents would love it if I came to visit. It was such a fun time! I gave out autograph cards, and I took pictures with a lot of the residents.  It was so rewarding watching all the residents’ faces light up when they saw me! It always reminds me of how rewarding of a career nursing is and I am happy that I will have my BSN in less than a year!

                I am now back in Grand Forks and settled into my apartment. I live with two amazing women that I met through my sorority and I couldn’t be happier to live with them! They are always there for me and that is what true best friends are. I know we are going to have a great year filled with a lot of wonderful memories. I start school on Tuesday and I can’t believe it is my last year. I hope that it doesn’t go by too fast and I can enjoy my last year at UND.

                I am sharing a couple quotes I found recently that I just love! It has made me really think about my future goals and what I will be doing next in my life!

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’M POSSIBLE!”  –Audrey Hepburn
“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: IT GOES ON.”  –Robert Frost

Love Always,
Miss North Dakota International
Erica Lemna





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