A Husband's Point of View

It has been a month since Ashley was crowned Mrs. North Dakota! So naturally a lot of my friends (3 out of the 6) are asking me if that makes me Mr. North Dakota, “you know like the First Man.”  After some long thought, and some bantering back and forth, I have finally figured out what being married to Mrs. North Dakota makes me. But before we get to the answer, I want you to know how this past month and being crowned has changed Ashley.

As life continues to get a little busier and a little more exciting, I have continually been reminding Ashley not to let this crown thing go to her head. This of course causes some creative conversation and random teasing in the household! But, what I want everyone to know, especially for those that don’t know Ashley personally, is that she would never let that happen. You see, I have dated and married Mrs. North Dakota long before she was crowned.  If being Mrs. North Dakota means you have a passion for life and the others around you, or that you have a drive to help others and the determination to follow through with your drive, or the love you have for family and friends, then I knew that right when I married her. Oh yeah, of course her looks didn’t cheapen the deal either!

I guess what I am saying is that the only thing that has changed in Ashley’s attitude or character is that she now has a tool to help those around her. Ashley has always had a passion for life and people. But being crowned has now given her an opportunity to reach further into the communities of people that prior to, she would have not had. It will hopefully give her more opportunities to impact other people’s lives as much as she has impacted mine.

So if you are wondering what my title is… whether it be Mr. North Dakota, or the First Man, or just one lucky guy, I think the answer is none of the above, but instead just one of the lucky people to have met such a wonderful woman. I hope she knows, even though I can also be a critic, that I will continue to support her even after her reign and continue to be her biggest fan.

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