Keeping Teens Tobacco Free

Hello everyone! 
Fall is in the air and school is in full swing! I have been very busy talking with my peers and fellow students on how to become tobacco free. 

Over 23% of all North Dakota teens are current tobacco users. I have been working to encourage all teens to take the necessary steps to becoming tobacco free. The first step is finding support because nobody is perfect and everyone needs a little help!! There are several ways to find support: family, friends, peers, nicotine patches, quit lines and so muck more!

Teens need to know that tobacco is not worth their time and there are so many alternatives!  

The choice between wanting to become tobacco free and becoming tobacco free is the drive of knowing you are working not only to better your life and health but improving the lives of everyone you know and encounter on a daily basis. 

So teens, be smart, don’t start!! Think of your future, family and friends before choosing to smoke that first cigarette or that one hit of tobacco. 

I am very excited to be making school visits next week to read to a few kindergarten classes and speak a little about being a beauty queen!!! I cant wait!

Until next time,
Emily Carson

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