My partnership with FamilyLife Ministries has been filled  with rewarding surprises and full of adventures!  Upon choosing my platform of Marriage and Family, I knew immediately that I wanted to wave the banner of FamilyLife…..the interesting thing is they knew nothing of my endeavors! To inform them of this mission that lay ahead of me, I wrote to Dennis Rainey and the FamilyLife Staff to tell them of my mission. I would like to share my letter that I wrote to Mr. Rainey:
Dear Mr. Rainey,                                                                                            
My name is Shelle Moran and I'm excited to share the news that I was crowned Mrs. North Dakota International 2011. This title, I genuinely feel has been put in my life so I may be a missionary of Jesus Christ.  As His servant, paired with this title, I will have opportunities to share the salvation message with more people and promote biblical marriage and family values.  I have partnered with the North Dakota session of Family Life Ministries Weekend To Remember.  During this year, it is my goal to increase marital assistance to couples in order to keep more North Dakota families strong and thriving.
I am truly putting this experience in the hands of God....and asking Him to light my feet as I journey forward.  His will, will be done.....and I am simply an empty, broken and worthless tool filled by Him to reach His children who need to hear His voice calling "come to me."  Through His strength and love, I will bring JOY to His people!
            This is not a small task, nor possible without help.  My question to FamilyLife Ministries; Would your organization join me? Pray on this request and see where God leads and instructs you to use me as tool for His ministry.
Can I count on you to support me in this quest for our families?

Thank you for your consideration,
Shelle Moran, Mrs. North Dakota International 2011
Soon after, a response was received and great excitement from the FamilyLife Team was expressed! The first thing that they wanted, was for Colin and I to participate in their Weekend to Remember marketing materials! Off to Altanta, Georgia we flew in April to work with Joey Wofford, Creative Director, and his team of photography and videography! Joey has worked globally and nationally with large companies, including Chick Filet!  Look for yourself at
Our photos and videos will be used for the marketing of Weekend To Remember Conferences globally!  Without this opportunity as Mrs. North Dakota International, this would NEVER have been possible!

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