One and one-half year ago, life was not so grand at the Moran house.  Our marriage that was anything but storybook…. “Who signed me up for this?”  I thought.  “Where is the escape hatch?” He thought.  Lost and ready to call it quits, we attended a FamilyLife Weekend to Remember Conference.  It changed our marriage… changed our lives.  I know there are other couples who are struggling like we were.  What is missing is a Spokeswoman sharing her story authentically and transparently that can guide others to the answers and tools that can save a marriage or take a marriage from good to GREAT! As Mrs. North Dakota, I have been given that opportunity!
March 4-6th, Colin and I were able to assist with the Fargo conference. After the event, we were privileged to some comments from several of the hundreds of couples who attended! These comments pack quite a much that God has touched Colin to bring him to the front lines to join me in the fight for marriages! Imagine what can be accomplished when a husband/wife team tackles this platform TOGETHER!
 “It gave me a biblical focus cause I know what we are doing isn’t working. Now I believe with God at the helm, we can follow his guide and succeed in our marriage.” Married 23 years
“After 8 years and 3 kids, 5-3-2 and 4 miscarriages, then falling into temptation and having “issues”, this was life changing. It gave me hope and direction as a husband, a father, a servant and a warrior.” Married 8 years
“It was a miracle to get here as the odds were against us. We almost didn’t come, but at the last minute decided and said, “What can we lose?” Our marriage was at the breaking point and ready to be ended due to my actions. After the first day, I felt God change something inside of me and after the last day, I can say there’s hope and we will make it. This conference saved my marriage and saved my life. Thank you WTR.”  Married 3 years
The end of April, Colin and I will be traveling to Little Rock, AR to tour the FamilyLife Headquarters and meet the staff! We will also be participating in the Weekend to Remember Conference in Rogers, AR as part of our commitment to take time out from obligations and work on our marriage!
FamilyLife Ministries Opportunities in Fargo-Moorhead:
There is a movement to build homes……part of our mission this next year is to begin small pockets of “Homebuilders” in the area. There are many opportunities to bring tools to the hands of couples without having to set foot outside their doors and for the over achieving types, events that could use some leg work.
·         Email mentoring
·         Mentoring
·         Small group studies
·         Online Resources
·         WTR Event
·         Art Of Marriage – DVD events
·         Prayer teams
Are you ready to stand up and fight for marriages?!?

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