We are the World

It is not an everyday event that I am invited to be on a morning radio show, let alone a morning radio show that is hosted by an eleven year old girl.  This past weekend I was honored with the privilege to be on Nia Think Talk morning radio show to discuss my platform, human trafficking.  To say the least it was quite an experience and getting the chance to tell more people about human trafficking, I jumped at the opportunity.  However, the most remarkable part of the show had nothing to do with me.

I have always found it truly amazing, yet slightly comforting to hear stories about young children who are trying to make a difference in this world.  Whether it be by starting an after school club, being a friend to someone who is having a bad day, or in Nia’s case, hosting a Saturday morning radio show for one hour, can make a world of difference to the life of someone else. 

Every week Nia decides what topic she wants to cover on her show and on Saturday morning, her father is there to help her out.  What caught my attention right away is her willingness to talk about tough issues that many may face or are going through.  For instance, she started out her show this past week about bullying and the harmful effects it can have on others.  When it came time to discuss human trafficking, she knew statistics and knew that it is the modern day form of slavery. 

The point is it is not about what Nia knows or what she does not, it is the fact that as an eleven year old girl she recognizes the need for people to speak out and inform others on the problems that may be going on right in front of them.  Even if most of her listeners are adults and not young children, that should give parents enough insight to take the time and discuss some of these major issues with their own children.  I am not saying that every child needs to have a morning radio talk show but it is important that individual people learn from others that have taken a step forward in trying to create a more peaceful world.

When I walked into the radio station I was greeted by the popular song, We are the World, by Michael Jackson.  The chorus, “We are the world, we are the children, we are the ones who make a brighter day so let’s start giving,” explains exactly what Nia is trying to accomplish.  It is important for older adults to encourage children to follow their dreams and above all, never give up trying.  Nia’s morning show, Nia Think Talk, is on Saturday morning from 8:00a.m.-9:00a.m. on 96.3 KNDS.  Everybody deserves a chance to speak, whether young or old.       

Yours truly,

Stacy Schaffer
Miss North Dakota International 2011 

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