Crowning Moments

On Saturday, December 4, 2010, I was crowned Miss North Dakota International 2011!  Words cannot adequately describe how I felt the moment my name was called and the crown was placed upon my head.  However, two words that come to mind when I sit back and think about this special moment are Thank You!  Thank you to the people who have and continue to support me, my family and friends, the state directors, Kathy and Allison, the other pageant contestants, the judges, thank you!  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!  There are instances throughout people’s lives that we wait for that special moment, that moment where you know that this is your time to make a difference.  

As Miss North Dakota International 2011 my goal is to promote and teach people about Human Trafficking, by not only grabbing attention but putting plans into action.   Not only will I promote my platform but I will also represent the title to the fullest of my abilities so that other women will get the chance to learn about the organization and possibly fulfill their dream of promoting a cause they are passionate about.  My journey
has begun and I cannot wait to see where this next year will take me!

Yours truly,
Stacy S.
Miss North Dakota International 2011

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