Building a Strong Foundation

I have been asked several times about the platform that I chose to embrace for the next year. Being a parent to two internationally adopted children (Go Guatemala!) and a passionate supporter of caring for our worlds orphans, it has come as a surprise to deviate from that rally. However, in reality, the two are tightly connected. Let me explain further. The family is first established on the strong foundation of a marriage in that parents are the "greenhouse" for the "tender seedlings" (children). Just like in nature, if the conditions are harsh, nourishment scarce, and no weeding of thorns, the seedlings wither and do not reach their full plant potential. It is the same with children growing into healthy adults. If the home is a harsh, and unbalanced, children suffer.
My belief, is that if marriages are strong and supported by the right influences, the number of children who are affected by poverty, abuse, and neglect would decrease and the cycle of brokenness would be restored. Families would also be able to direct their attentions on parenting children and more families would respond to the "cries of the orphans". Supporting marriages is just the first step to the restoration process. Caring for the worlds orphans, is what rests perfectly on top!
I am very proud of my children and how God has chosen to knit our family together. It is nothing odd or different from any other biological families. For that reason, I did not want to make my children the "poster children" for adoption. Their stories are unique and special that they will get to share when they wish and quite simply, it is not my story to share. If anyone is interested in building their family through adoption, I would love to share our knowledge and support you through the process! It is AMAZING!
I have included a photo of Neko and Mari......or should I say Rudolph and Blitzen?
Mrs. ND 2011

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